Heirloom Albums

Heirloom Albums

Your photos deserve to live outside of a screen, printed on beautiful paper and bound for you to share. Heirloom albums are the best way to preserve your images so that you can relive them again and again. There’s just something about gathering around a physical book with your photos that really makes a difference in your experience of them.

My heirloom albums are not books (books are press printed on paper). Albums are printed on photo paper which is attached to thin pieces of cardboard and bound together. They lay flat so you can experience them in terms of spreads and not just pages. They come with a box to ensure they stay safe and last for years to come.

Though we live in a digital world, I truly believe printed photographs will continue to be the way we pass down heirlooms through generations. Why shouldn’t your story be a part of that?

50 percent non-refundable fee must be paid to begin designing your album. Album design takes 2-3 weeks for initial proofs after you select your images.


// three sizes available: 8×8,  10×10, 12×12
// albums are 15 spreads and include 50-75 images 
// white glove design, including two revisions
// order at any time
// engraving, parent albums and additional spreads available

The Process


Fill out order form & pay invoice

Select your size, cover and any additional customizations you’d like. 50 percent of your album cost is due up front to start your design.


Select your images

You’ll receive an email to select your images through your gallery. Pick your favorites and send them my way!


Receive proofs

Two to three weeks later I’ll send you proofs of your album through your gallery. You can make comments for any changes. Two revisions are included!


Aprove Proofs

Love what your proofs look like? Perfect, give final approval so you’re one step closer to receiving your album.


Order album

I’ll order your album – after I order, no changes can be made!


Receive album

You can expect to receive your album in 7-10 business days – right to your door!

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between an album and a book?

Though both display your photos, albums are printed on photo paper that is mounted to thin pieces of cardboard. The pages are heavy and look like photo prints. A photo book is printed on heavy press paper – not photo paper -which does effect the look and feel of the images and pages. This is why there is a major price difference. Photo books are available in your photo gallery and are self design only.

What is the max size of an album?

Albums can be designed with up to 50 spreads. All albums come standard with 15 spreads.

What's the design process?

Once you fill out the form below, selecting your customizations, and pay your design deposit, I will send you an invitation through your gallery to select your images. Once I receive this back, I’ll send over proofs via your gallery in 2-3 weeks and allow you to make edits. You have two revisions included. I’ll order when I get the final okay from you and you’ll receive your album in 7-1o business days!

Do I select my own images?

You can, yes! If you prefer not to, you can just send me your must-have or a few favorites and I’ll design an album that I think best works for your wedding. Sometimes that can actually be a lot easier as there’s a certain flow to fitting the whole story in, but I’m happy to have you select your images.

Do I have to be your client to have you design my album?

No! So long as you have print rights to your images, I should be able to design your album for you. I would highly suggest asking your photographer if you can buy an album from them but if they do not offer that, I’m happy to design one for you. I will have your upload your images to my private dropbox.

How many images does an album hold?

Depending on the size, most albums hold 50-75 images. I usually design spreads with 3-5 images but depending on the album size I’ll go bigger. For 8×8 albums, for example, I prefer not to design with lots of images in a spread as it’s harder to see them. But for 12×12 albums, it’s easier to have more images since the pages are bigger.

Can I make changes to my album proofs?

Yes, two revisions are included in the price of your album. Beyond that, I charge $50/hour for design fee.

How do parent albums work?

Parent albums are EXACT REPLICAS of your album in an 8×8 size. No matter what size album you order for yourself, the parent album will be 8×8. They must be ordered at the time of your album and cannot be added on once I submit to the lab. The lab discounts copies of your album when ordered all at once which is why parent albums are less expensive. If you’d like your parents to have their own album with their own images, you must purchase a standard album for them.

Are albums only for weddings?

No! You can order an album for ANY type of session. 

Can I pre-order an album for my wedding?

Yes, you can order an album at any time – even years after (or before) your wedding!

Can I gift an album to someone?

Yes of course! You can purchase an album on someone else’s behalf. I recommend buying a gift card from me and letting them choose their customizations. Contact me directly to learn more.