11 Creative Wedding Exit ideas

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There’s nothing better than ending your wedding on a high note with a send-off! It’s one last chance to run through a tunnel of love and celebrate the joy you’ve been feeling all day long. I’ve compiled 11 creative wedding exit ideas to help you decide which best fits your day!



A note about creative wedding exits

Not everyone opts for a wedding day exit and that’s totally fine! I think they are really fun and I enjoy photographing them but sometimes they don’t work into your day.

When should you plan your creative wedding exit? A creative wedding exit is best right after the ceremony or at the end of the night. Some couples have taken to the idea of a “grand re-entrance” to their reception where after they take sunset photos, their guests gather outside the venue to welcome them back and to get the party started. Really, it’s your wedding so do what you want!

creative wedding exit motorcycle exit

1. Motorcycle Exit

One of the most unique wedding exit ideas I’ve seen is to ride off on a motorcycle together. A few of my couples have done this, and if you’re a motorcycle-loving couple, it’ll fit you perfectly! You can decorate the motorcycle or just hike up your dress and go for it! See this wedding in action.

creative wedding exit ideas rose petal exit

2. Rose Petal wedding exit

Gone are the days where you throw birdseed or rice at the couple. Rose petals are biodegradable and don’t require ANY clean up outdoors! Rose petals also happen to float down nicely and don’t get stuck in your hair as much as other flowers. Ask your florist if they can put together little cones filled with rose petals for your unique wedding exit!


3. Confetti

Similar to rose petals, confetti can be a beautiful way to celebrate your marriage! Confetti makes for a colorful, creative wedding exit in the daytime. Make sure you buy biodegradable confetti so that you don’t litter or have to clean up lots of small pieces. 

creative wedding exit ideas dried flower exit

4. Dried Flowers

Maybe rose petals are too pricey or you have some dried flowers laying around. Use those to create a similar creative wedding exit! I recommend lavendar (it smells great!) or some people use hydranga petals to get the job done. Dried flowers work best for daytime exits and requires no clean up. Just remember that the smaller the pieces, the more likely it gets caught in your hair.


5. Lanterns

Looking for a creative wedding exit for after dark that isn’t sparklers? Releasing lanterns can create a dreamy atmosphere. This type of exit works best at outdoor venues, think golf courses, barns, or farms. It’s a more expensive wedding send-off, but oh so beautiful.

creative wedding exit ideas streamer exit

6. Streamers or Ribbon Send-Off

If you’re crafty and you want to do a send-off that is pretty inexpensive, streamers or ribbons work really well! Use your wedding colors or metallic colors work well and glue streamers to sticks that your guests can wave in either the daytime or nighttime! The same goes for pom-poms.


7. Vintage Car

One of the most elegant ways to exit your wedding is in a vintage car! Maybe you know someone with a really cool ride! This works as a creative ceremony wedding exit or at the end of the night. In Detroit, I highly recommend Motor City Vintage Rentals, but there are so many options depending on your vision. A vintage car isn’t just a creative wedding exit, but also makes an amazing photo opportunity for you!

creative wedding exit ideas bubble exit

8. Bubbles

Not a super duper creative wedding exit, but it works because it’s quick, easy and inexpensive! Give your guest little containers of bubbles (available at any craft stores in bulk or Amazon) and have them blow bubbles at you while you walk up the aisle or exiting from your wedding ceremony. Bubble guns also work well for creating a lot of bubbles quickly. Bubbles photograph really well and kiddos love them!


9. Sprinkles

Another colorful creative wedding exit that is great for daytime and requires no clean up is sprinkles! Grab a big jar and make little baggies for your guests to throw into the air at you. They may get caught in your hair but the colors should be beautiful!

creative wedding exit ideas glow stick exit

10. Glow Sticks

Looking for a night-friendly creative wedding exit without using fire? Glow sticks are really popular. They are a little harder to photograph but they are inexpensive. My advice is to grab the largest glow sticks you can so they show up better. It’s a colorful way to celebrate your marriage.

creative wedding exit ideas sparkler exit

11. Sparklers

Lastly, the most popular creative wedding exit is sparklers. At the end of the night, is there anything more romantic than running through a tunnel of fire and cheering friends and family? Nope! Make sure you buy the longest sparklers you can–you want 2 minutes or so to do the exit– and that you buy smokeless sparklers – they photograph best!

creative wedding exit ideas

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