Beaumont Fresh 48 Session | Josie

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Fresh babies, there is just nothing like them! In August, I was able to photograph baby Josie at just 12 hours old for a Beaumont Fresh 48 session. She was so good and so little!
What is the difference between a fresh 48 session and a newborn session? This is a super common question. Fresh 48 sessions are very documentary in nature always. They are usually done in the location of the birth (hospital, birthing center, etc.) and within 48 hours of birth. The session captures the first moments with baby and is often a great time for an older sibling to meet their new brother or sister. I love them because your baby will really never be that small again and these first moments are something you’ll want to remember. They’re quick sessions since everyone is tired and we aren’t trying to pose, but just capture interactions with baby, and baby’s little toes, hands, and little head.
A newborn session usually happens within 10 days of birth. My newborn sessions are always lifestyle in nature; no posing your baby, no special backdrops, and completely capturing your family together in your home. They’re different than fresh 48 sessions because they happen in your home and capture the baby in its surroundings (usually a nursery), and usually mom and dad are dressed less like they just had a baby in a hospital.
Both of these sessions are super relaxed and always centered around baby’s needs. We don’t rush and we don’t force anything.
I’d love to do more fresh 48 sessions this winter! I’ve got a special deal for those expecting during January through March. Please contact me if you’re expecting and want to learn more!

Beaumont Fresh 48 Session_0001.jpg
Beaumont Fresh 48 Session_0002.jpg
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Beaumont Fresh 48 Session_0004.jpg
Beaumont Fresh 48 Session_0005.jpg
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Beaumont Fresh 48 Session_0020.jpg
Beaumont Fresh 48 Session_0021.jpg
Beaumont Fresh 48 Session_0022.jpg
Beaumont Fresh 48 Session_0023.jpg
Beaumont Fresh 48 Session_0024.jpg

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