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This spring, Jamie, one of my brides, contacted me asking if I’d be willing to do some equine photos of her and her horse, Charlie.  I, of course, said yes! Though the pandemic pushed our session, we had the most beautiful night to photograph a camera shy Charlie (though you can’t tell from these images!).

Just before the session, Charlie had turned 24, which as I understand it, is pretty old in horse years! Though I haven’t really been around horses very often, it was lovely to see Jamie interact with her pal, and capture these for her before a big move to another state and her wedding.

Macomb Equine Session_0001.jpg
Macomb Equine Session_0002.jpg
Macomb Equine Session_0003.jpg
Macomb Equine Session_0004.jpg
Macomb Equine Session_0005.jpg
Macomb Equine Session_0006.jpg
Macomb Equine Session_0007.jpg
Macomb Equine Session_0008.jpg
Macomb Equine Session_0009.jpg
Macomb Equine Session_0010.jpg
Macomb Equine Session_0011.jpg
Macomb Equine Session_0012.jpg
Macomb Equine Session_0013.jpg
Macomb Equine Session_0014.jpg
Macomb Equine Session_0015.jpg
Macomb Equine Session_0016.jpg
Macomb Equine Session_0017.jpg
Macomb Equine Session_0018.jpg
Macomb Equine Session_0019.jpg

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