Top 5 Unique Wedding Gifts: Friday Five

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What do you get the couple who has everything? Or how do you go off the registry for an exciting and unique wedding gift?

Many couples appreciate cold hard cash for their wedding, but many people adore giving gifts, something to open rather than just a small card.

Or perhaps you’re looking for a unique anniversary gift? These top five unique wedding gifts will work for that too, especially if you’re scrambling for that first anniversary gift of paper.

Without further ado, my top five unique wedding gifts.

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1. Love Story Journal from Promptly Journals

The gift that keeps on giving for years to come, the Love Story Journal from Promptly journals is perfect for the sentimental couple. If you’re like me, you’ve tried so hard throughout your life to keep a journal but just let it fall to the wayside. With Promptly Journals, there are no questions about what to say because the journal asks questions and leaves lines for you to answer them. For the Love Story Journal, you start with how you met and the journal goes all the way until one person dies (the “last kiss”). It seems like a sweet thing to ultimately pass down to children, giving them a glimpse into the love story of their parents, something that’s usually lost in translation.

I actually got this for Josh and I on our first anniversary because I knew that it would be something fun to do together every anniversary. We sit down and document the year prior, which always leads to fun conversation and re-telling of good memories. It’s been fun to go back and read what we said the first year, as some of the questions are the same.

top unique wedding gifts

2. Custom Wedding Bouquet Painting

When you’re looking for unique wedding gifts, I think the key is to keep it as personal as possible. One of my favorite post-wedding gifts to myself is my custom wedding bouquet painting by Shelby Kregel. Shelby is a West Michigan artist whose floral paintings are absolutely beautiful. She also takes bridal bouquet commissions and will paint your bridal bouquet from a photo. If you’re looking to purchase a bridal bouquet painting for someone, you can also buy them a gift card from Shelby right on Etsy.

It’s a great way to commemorate your wedding with a beautiful custom piece of decor for your home. Wedding florals die so quickly and though I have my bridal bouquet dried, but there’s something special about looking at a colored rendition of it hanging in my kitchen!

P.S. Shelby also does other commissions of homes and dogs!

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Muted Rose Embriodery

3. Bridal Bouquet Embroidery

Another way to commemorate your bridal bouquet is to have it embroidered! Though it takes a little longer than a painting, the beauty of a custom embroidered bouquet is really unlike anything else. Muted Rose Embroidery is another Michigan-based artist who takes bridal bouquet embroidery commissions on Etsy. I really want to get myself one of these as well because I love embroidery and really loved my bridal bouquet.

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4. Wedding Wine Box

For the couple that maybe isn’t into floral wall decor like me, a personalized wedding wine box is another gift that keeps on giving (you’re sensing a trend, right?). We like saving special bottles of wine to open on special occasions (like the bottle we bought in Napa on our 2019 roadtrip that we still haven’t opened), and I feel like most couples who enjoy wine do something similar.

This wedding wine box has three bottles for three anniversaries. Of course, you are totally free to go down the Pinterest rabbit hole and make your own (and you could do it with liquor too!), but if you want to just buy something, I think some aged wine is perfect. Wine gets better with age like no other spirit.

At Home Date Night Ideas for Couples

5. A Date Night in a Box

One of the most thoughtful gifts we received was a date night box from one of Josh’s friends. It included a movie, gift card to a restaurant, and bar tending implements. We absolutely loved how thoughtful it was and used all of it and continue to do so! It’s hard sometimes to keep dating when you’re married so this was a nice reminder that we can still do fun stuff.

The great thing about a gift like a date night in a box is that it can be custom-tailored to the couple. For instance, anything sports related wouldn’t fly in my household, but maybe it would for another couple.

You could also buy the couple a subscription service like Date Night in a Box.

BONUS GIFT IDEA: A wedding album

So many couples don’t order an album for themselves! Why not gift them an album via gift card from their photographer? I offer gift cards for that very reason. A wedding album is another gift that keeps on giving throughout the couples’ marriage. I know we get ours out every few months and relive our day. It’s truly an heirloom to pass down and one of the best gifts you can receive as a newly married couple.

Read more about Madalyn Muncy Photography albums here.

What Unique Wedding Gifts have you been gifted?

Do you have any unique wedding gifts you’ve been given or have given? Leave them in the comments so others can get new ideas!

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