Andiamo’s Wedding | Betsy & Michael

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The end of fall always brings gorgeous colors…and rain. Betsy and Michael’s Andiamo’s wedding day was the last weekend in October and the day brought both. Their day was truly a beautiful celebration among family and friends. The day started at St. Peter Catholic Church in Mt. Clemens. St Peter’s is a beautiful church with a long aisle and plenty of stained glass. Capturing the ceremony was very important to Betsy and Michael, and I think some of the sweet in-between moments are some of my favorite. After the ceremony, we took a few photos at the Mt. Clements Train Depot, which is one of my favorite spots on that side of town, and then stopped by Mike and Betsy’s home to say hi to their black lab Leia. What I think I loved most about this Andiamo’s wedding was that Mike and Betsy spent essentially the whole day together. There wasn’t a first look or anything (the walk down the aisle wasn’t any less emotional for sure!) and from before the ceremony through the reception, they were around each other. I think it really adds to your memories of the day when you can both spend it together. We arrived at Andiamo Banquet Center in Warren for the reception. It had been many many years since I had been inside at Andiamo Warren Banquet Center and it had recently been renovated — I was impressed with both the atmosphere and the food! The large round dance floor was filled with dancing guests as the night continued. Mike and Betsy’s guests were so lovely. I had a great time photographing them, especially on the dance floor! We were treated to some polka dancing by the bride and her brothers, which was fabulous. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone polka in a long time! I was super impressed because polka dancing is hard! This Andiamo’s wedding was full of fun, family, and so much joy. I don’t think Betsy stopped smiling! It was a beautiful wedding to end my fall season with. Planning your wedding? Check out Madalyn Muncy Photography’s wedding galleries! Andiamo Wedding_0001.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0002.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0003.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0004.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0005.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0006.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0007.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0008.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0009.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0010.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0011.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0012.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0013.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0014.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0015.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0016.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0017.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0018.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0019.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0020.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0021.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0022.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0023.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0024.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0025.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0026.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0027.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0028.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0029.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0030.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0031.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0032.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0033.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0034.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0035.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0036.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0037.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0038.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0039.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0040.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0041.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0042.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0043.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0044.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0045.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0046.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0047.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0048.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0049.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0050.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0051.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0052.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0053.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0054.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0055.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0056.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0057.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0058.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0059.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0060.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0061.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0062.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0063.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0064.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0065.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0066.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0067.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0068.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0069.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0070.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0071.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0072.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0073.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0074.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0075.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0076.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0077.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0078.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0079.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0080.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0081.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0082.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0083.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0084.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0085.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0086.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0087.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0088.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0089.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0090.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0091.jpg Andiamo Wedding_0092.jpg

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