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I love being able to put on my Royal Oak branding photographer hat and do something different. Live Light Birth and Family is a wonderful collective that supports couples before, during, and after pregnancy. I went to high school with founder Christie, and we reconnected a few years ago when we were growing our businesses. This past year, as the team got ready for a rebrand, they asked me to do branding photography and headshots for the team. We were able to use a truly awesome private residence in Detroit — I left with some major house envy.

When I put on my branding photographer hat, I’m not looking to capture people in a stuffy, corporate way. That’s not really my jam, and when you’re working with small businesses, I know it’s important to showcase personality in the photos. Though it’s always good to have the shots of everyone smiling for the camera, showing off the personality and unique brand of the business is important. This goes back to the choice of clothing and location. For Live Light Birth and Family, it doesn’t make sense to photograph them in a coffeeshop or a bar or an office building. Their business is all about connecting with and helping people through a vulnerable time in their lives. We wanted to showcase openness, comfort, and warmth.

Having updated photos for your small business is important in our increasingly visual world. Sharing images of your team on social media and on your website creates a connection with your customers. This Royal Oak branding photographer is here for you! Contact me today!

Royal Oak Brand Photographer_0001.jpg
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