Stay At Home Date Night Ideas for Couples

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It’s about one month into the coronavirus quarantine over here and if you’re usually an out and about type of couple, maybe you’re going stir-crazy. Are you finding yourself in need of stay at home date night ideas? As a resident home-body and certified introvert, I don’t mind spending time at home. Lucky for me, I married a guy who enjoys at home date nights just as much as I do!

I’ve compiled a list of our favorite ways to spend an at-home date night. I kept in mind the fact that it’s not easy to go out and buy new stuff. Most of these dates can happen with things you already have in your home. If you have more ideas, share them in the comments so we can all try them!

At Home Date Night Ideas for Couples5

Play a trivia game for an at home date night

Even if you think you know everything about each other, playing a trivia game can be a great way to continue learning more about each other and sparking interesting conversation. You could play different versions of this, including “Would you Rather,” “Never Have I Ever” or the “Newlywed Game.” For a get to know you game or to see how well you know your partner, check out these 21 questions from Psychology Today. Any style you play is fun and is best enjoyed with a glass of wine! 

Visit a museum online from your couch

When we travel and when we were dating, Josh and I enjoy museums of all types. I prefer the historical and art museums while he prefers the science museums, but we always learn something. The good thing is, there are a variety of museums that have online virtual tours you can take!

At Home Date Night Ideas for Couples

Have a board or card game tournament for at home date night

I think board or card games with two people are best played when it’s a full-on tournament. Instead of just playing one game of Yahtzee or gin (our personal favorite), make it a tournament. Keep score and see who ultimately comes out on top!

Check out these board games for two people if you want something new to play and can order something online!

You can’t leave the house but you can still visit some of the world’s best museums from the comfort of your couch. Easy, free, and educational.

I’ve been to several of these in person and can attest that you’ll want to go!

At Home Date Night Ideas for Couples

Bake something at home!

It’s no secret that I loved a baked good and I have to imagine you do too. Baking together for an at home date night can be fun. I personally think licking the spoon and bowl is the best part, right? Romantic yet tasty! If you don’t hoard box mixes (which honestly are boring for a date night baking session), check out the recipes below for your upcoming date night bake:

Missing some ingredients? No problem. Baking is basically a science and the experts say you can substitute! Check out this article with ideas for baking when you’re missing an ingredient!

Have karaoke night as a stay at home date night

  • Chocolate Chip Cookies — a classic, amirite?
  • Healthy Banana Bread — this is my go-to banana bread recipe. We always have bananss going bad too fast (or maybe we just let that happen…)
  • Blue Ribbon Apple Pie — can you tell I love my All American baked goods? I love this apple pie and the crust really isn’t all that hard to make. I always make this pie every Thanksgiving!
  • Apple Crisp — don’t want to bake a pie? Go for apple crisp! But make sure you have ice cream because it’s necessary!

You don’t need a karaoke bar to belt your heart out! Find some songs with lyrics on YouTube and take turns singing. Or do a duet for even more fun. Try the greatest karaoke songs of all time on for size.

Give each other massages at home

I’ll admit that I ask for foot and shoulder massages on a regular basis. Being a photographer isn’t easy on the body! You don’t have to be a professional to do some basic massage techniques to relieve pain and relax your partner. Plus it’s kind of sexy sensual, right?

Check out this video for some tips on massaging your partner.

At Home Date Night Ideas for Couples

Cook together as part of an at-home date night

Even before we were quarantined together, Josh and I loved to cook together. We have spent most of our marriage cooking dinners together or cooking for ourselves because it’s a lot cheaper, healthier and something we enjoy doing together.

The best part about quarantine dating is that you have some time on your hands, so trying out the recipes that take forever is perfect for times like these! 

Another way to make it fun is to do a travel-inspired themed dinner at home date night! Make a pasta for Italy, or create a cheese platter for France. Set up a taco bar for Mexico!

Favorite go-to recipes include:

  • Alfredo Salmon Pasta – there is something romantic about pasta dishes. We love this pasta so much and make it probably once a month!
  • Sweet Potato and Black Bean Burrito Bowls – my favorite no meat combo is sweet potatoes and black beans. With some chili powder and cumin, it rocks! You can pair it with quinoa and some cheese (all thrown together in a cast iron skillet with some onions and peppers), and top with salsa, or you can do a fancy recipe.
  • Naan pizza – buy naan bread and pizza sauce (or make your own with this recipe), top with cheese and your fav toppings and bake for 15 minutes on 425.
  • Spaghetti squash jambalaya – if you are not a big spaghetti squash fan, I know you’ll even like this recipe. Low carb, easy to pull together and super filling!
  • Bruschetta – who doesn’t want an appetizer (or to just make this dinner?). Bruschetta isn’t actually all that hard to throw together and this goes perfectly with the salmon Alfredo!
At Home Date Night Ideas for Couples

Host a photoshoot!

No need to be a professional or have a camera! Try to get better at photographing with your iPhone with my tips and tricks for better iPhone photos! Try taking photos of each other, photos together, and maybe photos of your pet. You can still document your time at home and try out new techniques.

Do you have good at-home date night ideas? Share yours in the comments so Josh and I can give them a try!

At Home Date Night Ideas for Couples

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