Maternity Session Outfit Ideas

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When choosing a maternity session outfit, it’s important to keep in mind the location, the season, and your comfort. With most sessions taking place between 32-36 weeks, you want to keep in mind your ability to walk and be comfortable in the weather.

In general, you want to wear something that is you! If you don’t like wearing dresses, don’t wear one. If you enjoy dressing up, this is a great time to do it! Dresses usually photograph well because they can easily showcase the bump. But if you’d prefer to wear a sweater, blouse, or something else, that’s okay too! My recommendations will mostly be about dresses as that is most popular with my maternity clients, but you can find some other inspiration on my Pinterest page.

Overall, I do recommend solids over prints! If you prefer to wear a print, I’d recommend only one person wearing one. It is hard to mix prints properly!

Maternity Dress Inspiration and Recommendations

My top recommendation for maternity dresses is to choose a long dress or midi length dress. I don’t prefer short dresses as I think they don’t photograph as well, unless you wear tights or leggings under the dress. If it’s summer and you can rock a short dress, go for it, but I think longer dresses in general are best!

There’s no need to choose a dress with a long train, but many do come that way. Form fitting dresses work well because they really showcase your bump, which is the star of the show!

Here are a few examples from Amazon (click the image to be taken to buy):

Looser Fitting Long Dresses

If you are worried about a form fitting dress or uncomfortable in one, a looser fitting long dress can be a good option. There are a few examples on Amazon, but I also like Baltic Born for looser fitting dresses. Their dresses run generous and usually you can use the dress after the pregnancy too!

Other Places to Look for Dresses:

Non Dress Recommendations

If you prefer not to wear a dress, that’s totally fine. Here are some options for you:

  • You could wear form fitting clothing like leggings and a tee with a poncho or kimono over top. I love the movement of a shawl look.
  • You could wear a cozy sweater and leggings
  • You could wear a dress with a sweater over it.

It’s totally up to you and I’m always available for help if you want to send me photos! Visit my Pinterest board for more inspiration!

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