Top Wedding Trends I Loved in 2019

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When you get engaged and start planning a wedding, I’m 100 percent sure your mom or grandma or aunt or someone who happens to be older than you will say, “Wow, weddings sure have changed since I got married.” Even in the three years now since I was engaged and planning my own wedding, the trends have shifted, and each year is slightly different. Today I’m sharing the top wedding trends I loved in 2019 (and a few that I’d like to see in 2020).

top wedding trends i loved in 2019

Gender Neutral Wedding Parties

Gone are the days where you only could pick your girlfriends to stand beside you as a bride or vice versa. Gender neutral wedding parties are one of the top wedding trends of I loved in 2019.

With the changes in acceptance of gender identity particularly in millennials and get z, as well as just shifts away from tradition, it’s becoming increasingly common to see a groom invite his sister to stand beside him (happened in our wedding) or a bride to ask her best friend who happens to be a guy stand as her man of honor.

There’s absolutely no reason why you can’t ask the people who you love most, who support you the most, to stand beside you, no matter their gender, sexual orientation, age, etc. Many couples now opt for no wedding party at all and just invite their friends to hang with them, keeping things low key. 

Charity Contributions Instead of Favors

I know we all like to come home from a wedding with that glass with the couple’s name on it or a candle in their signature scent…or maybe we don’t? I’ve seen a lot of favors over the past three years, some awesome, some meh, and some that were probably just not necessary.

If you’d like to give favors for your guests, cool. Think through what people will actually use. Usually food items are super safe and people will take them and eat them. But I think one of the top wedding trends I loved in 2019 was charity contributions instead of favors. 

I know it’s not new, but I really don’t think it’s a prevalent as the magazines and blogs would make you think. If you choose to make a charity contribution instead of giving favors, I would suggest choosing an organization near and dear to your heart as a couple. For example, one of my couples this year decided to make a contribution to the bunny rescue that their two bunnies were rescued from. Keeps it personal, people usually think it’s fabulous, and you won’t be stuck with 50 left over koozies that say Jane and Bob Forever 2020. Your girl likes a koozie but I’m covered, thanks!

Here’s a ton of Etsy shops that sell signs to let your guests know you’re not doing favors but have donated to a worthy cause.

top wedding trends i loved in 2019

Private Vows

If you know me at all, you know that I am a huge proponent of writing your own vows. I know your wedding, your way, but I think making promises that you think about and are intentional about is much more meaningful than just saying what someone tells you to say. 

One of the top wedding trends I loved in 2019 was private vows. If you happen to be nervous about pouring your heart out in front of 200 people, or maybe you’re having a religious ceremony that doesn’t allow it, sharing vows in a private moment before or after the ceremony can be a way to lessen the stress while still making a meaningful moment between you and your boo.

Many couples opt for a moment after the first look to read vows or letters to one another. This can be done aloud or just reading them together silently. Either way, it is a way to be intentional about the time you spend alone together on your wedding day (there’s not much of that honestly), and forces you to stop and think about why you’re marrying this person in the first place. Carving out ten minutes to do this is completely possible and if you want to, I say go for it!

Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses

Mismatched bridesmaid dresses have been a trend for a few years now but it is a top wedding trend I loved in 2019. I think it’s beginning to really catch on as couples realize that no one wants a closet a la 27 Dresses style. Mismatched dresses can be as simple as different necklines or styles to flatter each person, or letting the bridesmaids just go all out and choose their dress in a palette you’re cool with.

I have to admit, I did this for my own wedding, but didn’t see it much again until this past year. From what my bridesmaids told me, it was a little intimidating to just be able to go choose whatever; however, I really liked how it all came together and everyone got to wear something that was comfortable for them. It takes coordination, but I can’t imagine having to choose one dress and forcing everyone to buy that.

More colors, more boldness, ladies!

Check out how to do mismatched bridesmaid dresses the easy way from A Practical Wedding.

top wedding trends i loved in 2019

Colorful Bouquets

Last, but not least, a top wedding trend I loved in 2019 was colorful bouquets. Please bring me all the bold color and not just in the summertime. When I was married in 2017, pastels, whites, and greens were ALL the rage. It seems that couples have moved away from the blush palettes and more towards earthy tones, metallics, and bold jewel tones. 

I saw it most in bridal bouquets in 2019. Many of my brides opted for something with color rather than just the greenery and whites/blush florals. Don’t get me wrong, I love a blush garden rose with an anemone and eucalyptus. But it was refreshing to see brides play with color a bit more without being gaudy.

Here’s some top color palettes for 2020 that you might want to check out!

Trends for 2020

A post about top wedding trends I loved in 2019 wouldn’t be complete without a few wedding trends that I wish I’d see in 2020. These include:

  • Couples spending time at their cocktail hour
  • Bolder patterns on dresses (not your typical lace styles)
  • More dogs in weddings (always!)
  • Less toasts, more dancing
  • No more clinking of glasses for kisses

But remember, your wedding, your way. If the trends aren’t your thing, cool. Just do it your way and enjoy your day. Everything else will fall into place!

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top wedding trends i loved in 2019

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